Copperhead Barrel Aged II Gin 46° 50Cl


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For our second edition of the Barrel Aged series, our classic gin in the well-known bottle rested for three months on unique Portuguese "first-fill" Madeira barrels.

The result is a gin with a pink copper glow in the glass. In the nose it is enormously refined: fresh citrus and the warm sweetness of red fruit, figs and grapes meet the spiciness of nutmeg, coriander and - unmistakably - juniper.

In the mouth, the recognizable flavor profile of the classic Copperhead Gin is enhanced with an increased complexity.

A lush experience, where the botanicals of the gin form a harmonious whole with the light influence of the wood. The finish is warm and long.

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander seeds, Angelica, Cardemon, Orange peel


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